Help to refuse hospital move


My 17 year old daughter is in a GAU under section 3 and they want to move her to a PICU. She had been aggressive and assaulted staff but had been stable for 14 days. The move is not the issue its the specific hospital they want to send her to.

  1. The cqc report is damming the place rates inadequate a child took her own life whilst on a 1:1 in feb this year
  2. It is over 2 hours away from family and will place a huge financial burden on us
  3. She currently has a great relationship with the psychologist and other staff at the facility where she is so i believe this will cause a deterioration in her already very fragile mental health.

I am being told i have no rights as her nearest relative/nok/parent and this move will take place regardless.

Is there anything i can do??

I’m sorry to hear about your predicament.

If you don’t get a reply on the forum – or even if you do – perhaps you could find a local solicitor from the Mental Health Lawyers Association’s website: