Have pre-hearing examinations in Wales recommenced?

The last I heard was back in May 2022 and at that point there hadn’t been any PHEs since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. What is the current situation?

The reason I ask is that the updated Law Society, ‘Practice note: Representation before mental health tribunals’ (31/8/22) states:

However, if your case is before the Welsh tribunal, the default position is that the tribunal will carry out a preliminary examination.

In Wales, it remains the case that PHEs are indicated in every case. However there remain practical post-COVID difficulties with access to the patient either in person or remotely at most venues, so further guidance should be sought from the tribunal office.

Hi Jonathan
Still no PHE’s in Wales. Also no indication on the return of F2F hearings.
I had a video hearing this week and the Judge said he wasn’t sure but nothing likely to change until the New Year

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