General practitioner powers to get their patient assessed and sectioned?p

If you are a GP and you have concerns over a patient’s mental health.

What is the appropriate approach to raise this with the local authorities e.g. mental health teams about getting the patient assessed and possibly sectioned?

Would it be advisable to first communicate with the patient to make them aware of my concerns and what I feel might be suitable for them, or to get in touch with the local teams without the patient knowing?

If the patient can clearly understand what I am explaining to them about my concerns, but they still disagree with my opinion. Does the GP still have any powers to override their view and get the patient assessed?

Yes,discuss with the patient,if they donot have insight or lacks capacity,if patient agrees involve family +referring to Mental health Team etc.Some times it takes so much time ,effort & patience etc.

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How does a GP assess whether a patient lacks insight or capacity?

Every person who works in health must be able to assess capacity—when you are giving personal care,medication,mobilising,taking to the toilet,facilitating contact with family etc.If the decision to make is complex/complicated like finances/placement/giving LPA etc involve Advocate/MDT etc.

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