Eligible for aftercare services & who is responsible?

P lives in borough B in a residential care home & responsibility for his care arrangements & funding is with borough A.

He gets admitted initially unders s2 and during the admission its converted to a s3. Within a month, the s3 is rescinded under s23 by the RC on the ward and discharged a month later to another residential care home.

Upon discharge:

  1. Is P eligible for aftercare services?
  2. If he is who is responsible?
  3. If he is not, who continues to fund the placement.

The following update applies: R (Worcestershire County Council) v SSHSC [2021] EWCA Civ 1957.

  1. Yes
  2. In England. A is responsible if P was funded by 117 aftercare when placed in B. If P was not funded via 117 Aftercare, then B is responsible.
    In Wales, I think A, but how P was placed in B will need some unpacking (ordinary residence)
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Thank you very much.