Electronic Signature

On an A6 S3 Application, it has been sent / typed electronically, the signature of the AMHP is also typed but isn’t an actual electronic signature, is this acceptable

It is an actual electronic signature.

Hi yes it is, can be typed, an e-signature or a PDF of a signature.

Many Thanks for your answers

Hi, this is from the DHSC’s Guidance on the electronic communication of statutory forms under the Mental Health Act: “Electronic signatures on forms have the same meaning as in section 7(2) of the Electronic Communications Act 2000. This states that an electronic signature is ‘so much of anything in electronic form as is incorporated into or otherwise logically associated with any electronic communication or electronic data; and purports to be used by the individual creating it to sign’. As such, electronic signatures on electronically submitted statutory forms may be a typed name or initials, a scan or photo of a wet ink signature, or an electronically drawn signature, among other options meeting the definition specified above.”