Electronic Forms - Deletions or Strikethrough

We have had a Section 2 patient transfer to another Trust however, the receiving Trust has deemed the detention invalid because the AMHP had deleted phrases that were not applicable rather than just strike them through and leave them on the form. We had not not deemed the detention invalid as all remaining wording not deleted was applicable. Has anyone else had similar?

Found it!

We have also been asked if the form is invalidated if optional text is deleted by the author, as is possible in the electronic version of the form. Please note that deleting optional text does not invalidate the form. However, if the author wishes to make clear where deletions have been made, the strikethrough functionality may be used.

DHSC, ‘Electronic communication of statutory forms under the Mental Health Act’ (updated 13/1/21)


I’m frantically checking but remember reading somewhere that deleted items did not invalidate the form so long as the wording that remained complied with the original form.

Ill try and get back to you!

Thank you! I have been trying to find the same!