DOLS and Misuse of money/property accusations against EPA

My mother is in a psychiatric hospital, under section 3, as in previous post. She is now due to be discharged in next month and community care team have been in touch to update CPA then MDT meeting and suggested Best interests decision based on her lacking capacity to decide where she lives.

My mother wants to be looked after by me and my sister in our houses but does not realise what this involves in practice (24hr nursing care which she receives now in hospital due to self neglect and major depression).

She is lucid and mind sharp and aware despite depression, can retain info and memory good. Discharge practitioner has suggested she lacks capacity and will use DOLS to make Best I decision on placing her in care home.

I have moved into my parents house with my son and daughter, whom have disabilities and claim ESA and PIP. The house is tenants in common with my mother owning 50% only. The other 50% is owned by by deceased father (beneficiaries are me and my sister who will then own 50% of property after probate).

My son has autism and lived at the house at weekends for 15 years before father died in 2020, so has strong link with house. He wishes to live there now. DP has stated this could be issue and said COP may be involved due to us living at house but didn’t say exactly why, just veiled threat.

Due to section 3 status, expect to receive S117 free aftercare, initially, as all health issues caused by mental health prob but have been told that this will not last for long as will be reviewed very quickly.

Previous discussions with hospital sw were very direct and threatening about removing EPA and so on and COP being brought in to make me toe the line on finance.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as practitioner wants to move quickly by end of Jan 22 to discharge to care home.