DoH s2 references

The DoH have started automatically rejecting referrals which have been made in the last 7 days of s2 on the basis that there is not enough time for the MHT to be held before the end of the section.
I challenged this pointing out that the MHT would proceed if the client was placed on s3 and also asking whether this was official policy and. if so, could I see a copy. I also mentioned that they appeared to be fettering their discretion to refer. When I sent a letter saying all this they did not respond to it but did then refer the client despite having initially refused.

I had this but they did say if the patient went onto a s3 to re-apply. Patient did go onto a s3 so I did a DOH referral request pointing out that he had been refused a s2 referral and they referred him.

I had the same response. If they then refer once on the section 3, do they then list on section 2 timescales or section 3?

S3 time scale unfortunately