Does anyone know what happened to the mental health legislation timeline website?

There used to be a little website which traced a timeline of UK (or possibly just English and Welsh) mental health legislation through the centuries. As I recall it went way back, covering all the old Vagrancy Acts, the 1890 consolidation, and all sorts. It was a fantastic resource, and clearly the result of a lot of work.

I’ve recently been trying to find it again but can’t. I think it might be this one, which is a top result if you search for uk mental health history and similar:

But it’s a dead address. Does anyone know whether there’s any way to access it now? If it’s recoverable it would be a great thing to be hosted on MHLO (if whoever did it agrees of course)


Is this maybe it?

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Thanks I think that might be it, but if I try to click on it I get all kinds of security warnings - I can choose ‘proceed anyway’ but the warnings seem to imply that I’m a fool if I choose to do so…

Your browser maybe doesn’t like that the URL has http rather than https. Safari on iOS just says “Not secure” (see screenshot). It’s nothing to worry about.

Fab, thanks Jonathan!

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