Does 117 aftercare and paid nursing care from CCG have to be paid back on death if there are any savings?

If loved one who receives 117 aftercare and ccg nursing care funding have to pay back monies after death out of any savings they have accumulated?

S117 aftercare is provided free of charge.
So if you mean someone was receiving services and eligible for S117, and didn’t spend much of their own income so accrued savings, then no these savings won’t need to be paid back to anyone.

If you mean someone had a personal health budget/direct payment (I.e. money paid directly to the person from the LA&CCG to spend themselves on their S117 needs) and they didn’t fully spend it, then yes unspent money would need to be returned.


Hello Joanne,

S117 aftercare is not means tested and cannot be reclaims under any circumstances. In fact it works the other way round, if you are entitled to S117 aftercare funding and do not receive it from LA/NHS you can reclaim the full cost of any care you have paid for such as nursing home costs from the LA/NHS.

His care was joint funding by 117 and NHS funding due to Vascular Dementia and Scitzo-Affective disorder. So would the NHS funding be reclaimed from savings?

Hello, No money can be reclaimed from you for S117 or Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding no matter how much savings there is, these are non-means tested care benefits. Is anybody trying to make you pay now?

No just my niece thought it could be so I wanted to clarify so all is in order. Thank you

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Hello, You can never take anything for granted when dealing with NHS/Council etc. Check everything and always insist on getting what you are entitled to.