Discharge from care home

Who can discharge from a care home,

In what context do you mean discharge from a care home?

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My dad had a dizzy spell in 2016 due to arterial fibulations. I was told I could go and bring him home to his home which was bought outright and we where in the process of the TR1 form with a conveyancer to transfer over to my name. The doctors also agreed that a care home was dangerous to his health as infection rates are high.
I rang the hospital to see what time .
I was told a social worker had placed him in a care home 88 miles away…
On going to the care home the manager said I would have to go court. They also said there was a DOL. There was not.
My dad had his bag packed every time I went to see him, They phisically stopped him going to his bank, I was also told they will be selling his home.He was totally independent .
On trying to leave he pulled the door off and ended up in hospital again with head injury.
The doctors said he was being discharged to go home as he did not want to go back to the mental health care home. The social worker took him back. He was totally independent .
He still fighting to get home, he will not eat or drink ,he is down to 5 stone,they would not let him have a drink of water,and could not speak properly due to dryness.