Detained in hospital under MCA -- can she change hospital?

Apologies, this is a long story but am desperate for advice.

My sister has stage 4 incurable cancer, diagnosed after litany of errors and incompetence – consultant dismissing worrying symotoms and putting everything down to her history of anxiety and depression, which resulted in a huge delay in getting symotoms taken seriously, despite her previous history of cancer 10 years ago.

Long story short, local hospital are dreadful, but cancer specialist hospital are great. Owing to a major mental health crisis over last 48 hours, she was detained under MCA, which we were relieved by.

Because of cancer, bloods and scans taken to see if any physiological element to mental decline, eg metastases in brain. These were clear.

She was taken to secure mental health ward for evaluation. We went to get some sleep, having barely slept in 3 days during her acute mania.

Here’s the crux. 11pm psychologist calls, says he doesn’t feel it’s mental health but cancer related – toxins causing delirium. No discussion with oncologist. No clinical evidence for his opinion. Decides to send her for transfer to general ward, with stage 4 cancer, no discussion.

We do not want this but are not being listened to. I have contacted cancer specialist hospital, duty nurse apoalked [apologised?] but no consultant at weekend. Even worse they’ve stuck her back in A and E for hours.

IN BRIEF – we have no faith in this hospital. We want to transfer to a different hospital as care here is appalling. Is that possible if she detained under MCA? Want this protection for her as we cannot manage her current mental state safely for her or her chn [children?] but we feel this hospital is negligent in its duty of care.

Dear Ann - Marie.
I am sure yourself and family are quite exhausted by all this. Moreover, the concerns for your sister. On my first reading may be more than a change of hospital - but you are the expert on your sister. If it would help to talk through some of the matters, you raise in your inquiry, I am happy to firstly to listen and if I can be of assistance. I am a registered SW - retired from the front line, but still active! I offer my services when I feel that I can assist entirely pro-bono. Let me know. Robert Nisbet.


Dear Robert ,
thank you so much for taking the time to reply and your offer of further advice. Thankfully , the staff on duty overnight in A and E kept a close eye on her she was admitted to emergency assessment unit around midday. staff there have been great too and her mental state much improved. She is safe and well cared for there at present .We’ve been assured that she will no discharged until safe to do so and all parties aware on ongoing plan for care and treatment. they have refered for o ncology review tmorrow ( yellow board??) and thankfully we will be able to spk to her oncol consultant at the csncer hosp and get local hosp to liaise with [place name removed]. Sadly our terrible experience with her gynae consultant has cast a long shadow. I really appreciate your kind offer of further advice and may take you up on this depending on how tomorrow and following days pan out. will start power of attorney tomorrow afrer some much needed sleep! Thank you again Robert

Dear Anne- Marie.

Many thanks.

Appreciated you responding.

Please do come back to me if I can be of assistance.

Best wishes.