Deprivation of liberty - how many times?

How many times is it legal for someone to be deprived of their liberty.

Well, it’s always unlawful without a legal framework in place. Equally - when a legal framework (MCA or MHA) is properly implemented, it’s always lawful.

Looking at your post history it appears that you might have a loved one under DoLS. Are you the Relevant Person’s Representative?

I imagine it would be as long as it was needed. There should be regular reviews.

From my experience working with patients. Once you are in this cycle of law where there is legal paperwork that has been processed by the relevant personnel - no matter how flawed to what they have written is. It’s very difficult to get them out of it.

The only way is to find a good solicitor in this area - whether it is via free legal aid and work out a strategy to get them released. You have to persevere no matter what - if they are wrong - then that will come out no what. The truth always finds a way through - but you have to be driven to fight the legal system when it comes to mental health law.

I was reading this webpage. Hopefully it helps rather than my irrelevant babbling.,of%20the%20Mental%20Capacity%20Act.