CTO11 and CTO12 review/renewal

How often should these forms be reviewed?
i.e. if there is no other change to consent, capacity etc.
Many thanks.

CTO11 needs a s61 if there’s been a recall but otherwise they keep running. I’m sure that others on this forum may correct me, but I don’t think they expire through lapse of time.

CTO12 should be reviewed at least annually.

Yes, I agree. I recently took over as the Lead SOAD for the s61 process. CTO11s remain valid for the certification of medications for as long as there is no change in medication type. Change in capacity status does not invalidate a CTO11, as SOADs only certify for CTO patients and do not authorise, as for detained inpatients. S61 reports are not required for most CTO patients, only those who have been recalled during the period but remain on the CTO.