CTO + Section 2


I’ve completed some in house training today on CTO’s and was told that a patient can be detained under section 2 whilst on a CTO.

It didn’t make sense to me, my thoughts being that if there were any issues whilst on the CTO then a recall could happen, however the person giving the training didn’t have an answer and cited the following from Jones “….However, CTO will not end if the pt is admitted into hospital either informally or s.2 or under a s.135/136 and charged with a criminal offence, (Jones p145, 1-279)….”

Just wondered if anyone else could shed some light on it?

They are correct. I assume the intention behind it was that someone may need more than 72 hours to assess or stabilise, the S2 means this can happen without revoking the CTO. You may also find people are detained in areas that do not know them and aren’t aware the CTO is in existence- this caveat means the commencement of a S2 doesn’t undermine the existing CTO

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Thanks for your reply, that does make sense :slight_smile:

I’ve read in in the Jones myself so didn’t doubt the information, just didn’t understand the logic behind it, and neither did the trainer.

Would you know if it was decided that the patient needed to be placed on a section 3 - would it be the CTO that would be recalled/revoked then… or would the S3 be converted?

Hi Kylie,

Yes,it is strange.If some one is on CTO,recall & back on Section 3 on the ward etc.

You better clarify with your local AMPH lead.

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The CTO would be recalled and revoked ideally, there would be no need for a new application under S3 :slight_smile: