Change in RC

Have a patient on a S37/41, we have a new consultant starting, what is the procedure with the MOJ for changing Consultants (same Hospital)

Current RC notifies the MOJ of a change in Consultant and provides the name and date of the hand over.

Please refer to Ministry of Justice, ‘Guidance for clinical supervisors’ (18/3/09)

Transfer to another care team/change of clinician

  1. It is sometimes the case that the care and supervision of a patient needs to be transferred between care teams. In such cases all the information relating to the patient as set out in Section 6 above, together with any relevant CPA documentation, risk assessments and reports to the Ministry of Justice should be passed over to the new team.

  2. It is also highly recommended that the new care team attend a professionals meeting and/or CPA to discuss every aspect of the patient’s background, care plan and risks before the full handover of responsibility.

  3. The Mental Health Casework Section should be informed as soon as possible about a change of responsible clinician, or of supervisor, if different, and certainly before the actual date of handover. We must be provided with full contact details including address telephone number and e-mail address.

  4. The social supervisor should be informed of any impending change of clinical supervisor.

Hi Sorry were would i find MOJ guidance on things, i’m new to these sections.

I’ve taken the liberty of adding a link to Sohail’s post above. The Ministry of Justice page on MHLO isn’t as up to date as I’d like but contains some links you might find useful.

Usually most hospitals will have a Mental Health Act Office, they can help to contact the person in charge in the MOJ (for the area) and usually sometimes an email will suffice to let know the MOJ of the change of RC. I know they do some digging here and around to find the person in charge. They will send the format they use to formalize the change of RC.
If the hospital does not have a MHA team, then other nearby NHS hospitals will have one. The process is not complicated once you find the pathway.

Many thanks for all your replies