Certificated work

We have a highly complex case and were advised to apply for a certificate. This is not something we have done before. We have instructed counsel and have prior authority, we are going to apply for prior authority for a joint expert report.
My question - do we need to apply for a certificate? If we do, why do we need it?

Hi Cheryl

You don’t say what type of work it is that you’re doing so it’s hard to say whether you need a certificate or not. You don’t say who advised you to apply for a certificate and why they said you needed one.

If you’re in any doubt, and especially if it’s an unusual situation, drop the mhu-ec@justice.gov.uk email address a line and keep the advice they give you on file.

Hi Adam

Thank you for your response. It is a section 3 appeal hearing. The hearing was adjourned and the tribunal judge made the suggestion in the decision, no reason given.


I’ve not come across reference to a ‘certificate’ of any sorts in a Tribunal case since CW3’s were abolished many, many years ago.