Certificate in Mental Health Law

Hello all,
I know that Northumbria University offers this. A colleague is keen to do it but it is oversubscribed and she cannot get a place until 2024.
Is anyone aware of any other places that offer it?

Hi, I have also looked into this, and I have contacted the following University’s (Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham and Coventry, all that are close to me) and they informed me that they do not offer such course. I am hoping to enrol in 2024 as enrolment for 2023 is closed and full.

Thank you for this info - very useful. There must be a need for this course to be rolled out elsewhere. I am based in Wales and with Northumbria being the only place this course is offered, it seems quite impractical logistically.

It would be beneficial if it was offered in other places. The study days are held at Newcastle Campus however it is distance learning and attending the classes is not compulsory, it is just highly recommended.

Hi. I have just completed this course with Northumbria and it was all done remotely. They did not offer any of the sessions at the university but maybe for the next cohort it might change. It might be worth asking the university if they have a waiting list as some people dropped out.

That’s really helpful - I will follow that up. Thank you.