CCGs and ICBs

I understand that from today NHS Cimical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have been abolished and replaced by Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) under the new Heath and Social Care Act 2022.

CCGs had particular responsibility to make special provisions (and beds) for people experiencing a mental health crisis under Section 140 of the Mental Health Act.

I can’t find (yet) any provision under the Health and Social Care Act 2022 that transfers the Section 140 powers to the new ICBs.

Can anyone assist? I’m probably missing something basic.

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Schedule 4 of the Health and Care Act covers the change of wording to s140 - it just replaces CCG with ICB.

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Thanks. I’ve added the legislation to MHLO, at this stage only with a very brief note as I’ve not read it yet… Health and Care Act 2022.