Care home top up fees and bank details

Is it usual to request a patients bank account details (incl account number, sort code) when arranging S117 care home discharge? Has anybody come accross this practice?


I would not expect it to be taken as the responsible la and CCG would be responsible for the care home fees. Including any extra 1:1 hours that are assessed as required.


Unless the LA are making an application for Court Appointed Deputyship for P&A, or Appointeeship. Or, maybe the LA are arranged a refund of charges where P was eligible for S117 aftercare. Other reason may be P has both S117 and non-S117 needs and liable for pay for non S117 needs, but we don’t ask for bank details unless we’re also seeking deputy or appointeeship.


Hello Gary, The details were requested in a roundabout way, for something else not directly. I hold an EPA which covers finance and property so why would the LA want to appoint a deputy in these areas? (property and affairs) There is no outstanding debt or payment issues as my mother is entitled to S117 aftercare funding which has been approved currently.

Hello Samantha, Yes I was quite shocked when I was asked for these details. It was done in a confused way. I would not give anybody’s bank details out without verifying exactly what they were for and who was requesting them. It appeared like a scammer would do.