Can nearest relative choose the treating hospital for someone detained under MHA

A client’s NR has enquired whether their child can be treated in an NHS hospital under a different trust and locality to the client’s.

My understanding is that the NHS constitution does not give people detained under the MHA the right to choose hospital; and that a hospital cannot be chosen in cases where “speed of access to diagnosis and treatment is particularly important” such as in mental health services.

Does anyone have any further knowledge on this request and whether a NR can chose/request a hospital for clients detained under MHA?

It’s my understanding that the NR can ask the trust where they would treatment to take place. The trust will need to weigh up what is in the person’s best interest while looking at resources also, before making decision based on this information. Should the trust disagree with NR they could look to discharge the NR or apply to tribunal.

I can’t quite work out the family tree or who’s currently an inpatient. I wouldn’t know the answer anyway, but if there’s a good reason then you’d imagine it could be considered, as Denise suggested.

This doesn’t sound right but maybe I’ve just not interpreted it the way you meant it.

Yes, the idea that the trust could get rid of the nearest relative if they disagree sounds very unfair and authoritarian. The NR has rights and the trust is a publicly funded body answerable to the public and the nearest relative (as a member of the public which funds the trust).