Can I admit without AMHP documents?

can I admit a patients on section 2 without AMPH paperwork. they promise me paper by next day as they have some technical issues. is it legal to admit a patient without AMPH referral in hand. please advise me

If you mean the section 2 application signed by the AMHP, then no; unless the person is agreeing to stay in hospital and has the capacity to consent to the admission. They are not subject to section 2 until the application is signed by the AMHP (or NR)



I agree with Julia, withouth the AMHP application the section isn’t complete.


Although if you mean the AMHP report, or a copy of the referral made to the AMHP team then yes. But as others have said for admission the actual application is required

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It is illegal.

Thank you all. It was a form A2 recommendation. I refused to admit first but patient and N R agreed to stay as informal until everything sorted out.

That is really good,thanks to you.