Attorney Security Bonds

I understand these are similar to Deputy Security Bonds which are insurance type policies to protect a person from mistakes made by either. Any information?

There is some information here: Office of the Public Guardian, ‘Surety bonds: Public Guardian practice note’ (SD15 09.16, 20/9/16). Is there any information you need in particular?

Hello, Looking for the Attorney bonds not deputy. Thanks

I found some articles online (e.g. search for “LPA security bonds”). They all seem to be about to the “Power of Attorney Bond” from Security Bonds Ltd.

Hello Johnathan,

Yes can’t find any of the promised attorney bonds, were they not popular or another reason prevented introduction?

The first result in the search mentioned above is for the company that apparently provides them. Their phone number and email address are listed at the top of their website. Have you been able to speak to them?