Alledgedly assualted patient-compensation?

Assistance request: Section 3 client has been alledgedly assualted by a bank staff mental health trust staff. Senior professional shared that CCTV semingly supports his claim (although I have not been permitted to view). I have been unable to locate Legal Aid assistance under Community Care which a mental health legal helpline recommended.
If proven client seeks compensation and an apology as his claim was not taken seriously. I am an advocate in the Greater London area. Any assistance /signposting would be most welcome.

Hi. I think you need a solicitor who does claims for assault (personal injury)/claims against public authorities rather than community care.

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Thank you.

That indeed does seem a good way forward and will give a way that is likely to be attainable as legal aid solicitors on the Law Society website self-report that this is an out of date listing about their services. I’ll recommend this.

Police can retrieve the cctv footage if its safeguarding/assault?

Thank you. It is that when eventually notified about the possible incident (by a third party) I did ask that CCTV footage be retained, however as the independent mental health advocate I was neither notified about the alleged assault and have been told that I cannot view any footage. I am pleased that you have confirmed that my request for the footage to be retained was relevant.

I s the social services investigating the Safeguarding ? The NHS should not due to the conflict of interest.

Thank you.

This is not a question I have put -but thanks to your intervention I will now do so!

Many thanks