Advice/support COP&SGO for disabled brother

I do a lot of grassroots journalism and advocacy for ethnic minorities and marginalised groups. I find people try to hide behind bureaucracy and tried to confuse me so that I’m not able to find an answer in my favour. For example I know that if you are homeless you can apply for a GP anyway but when you actually try to invoke this the gatekeepers will do anything in the power to ensure that you can’t sign up.

I also have a severely disabled brother whom I have been trying to get back from social services for eight years. I’m not entitled to legal aid or representation so I am representing myself against her COP and SGO. I have real evidence of the foster carer neglecting my brother and every time I bring up these issues they get completely ignored. I know that there is embedded institutional distrust of me from the judges and social worker. So the judge is automatically taking social services points as fact when they are opinion. Further any evidence I present gets views as ravings of a paranoid family member.

I want to be better informed in the legislation and to be able to provide accurate and factual evidence that will stop them ignoring my wishes and take me seriously. Everyday large organisations take advantage of the fact that it’s hard to become confidently informed enough to really challenge them. I would desperately appreciate any support. Thank you.

Hello Nel

I am sorry about the challenges you are experiencing. Whilst his may not be of relevance to your brother’s circumstances, in light of your advocacy, you might be interested in a training course we run for families and informal carers on the deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS). This explains the legal rights available under DoLS and is free to attend. The next one is on 8th December. Details of the programme are available here: Edge Training: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards for Families (online, 8/12/22).

Best wishes

Aasya Mughal
Edge Training & Consultancy Ltd

Thank you! I have registered.