Admission without AMHP application

Hi - so patient admitted to a mental health unit (Friday). Nurse accepted section papers (2 med recs) and thought the AMHP report was the AMHP application and proceeded to complete form H3 (record of detention). Audit done on Sunday by another nurse highlighting AMHP application missing - AMHP contacted by nurse who confirmed the AMHP application was completed and sent with the other paperwork on Friday - which obviously went missing in transit) a copy of the original sent on the Sunday. This will be incident recorded. I’m guessing the H3 needs to be re-done to reflect the detention starting on the Sunday and not the Friday?

It will depend on whether or not the requirements for delivering the documents as set out in the Regulations, have been complied with.

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If the AMHP’s application was signed on the Friday and therefore ‘existed’ then the detention started on the Friday. I had a case years ago before the internet etc when the documents took a few days to arrive and it was deemed legal by the MHAC when they next inspected.

I work in mental health transit and recently a particular north London hospital has been trying to send patients with AMHP reports instead of A2/6 forms.

Some less experienced staff have taken the bait but even the PLN offices onsite have said it’s ok!

Do you mean that no application has been made or just that the documents are not accompanying the patient (there is no requirement for that)?