15 Years of the MCA

You may be interested to see the recording of the webinar on 7 October 2020, reflecting on 15 years of the MCA, including Dr Lucy Series asking whether the MCA really is empowering, Polly Sweeney thinking about participation of P, and me (Alex RK) thinking about what we’ve learned and future directions. You can find it here: https://webinar.lawsociety.org.uk/playback/presentation/2.0/playback.html?meetingId=fb78914cf36dfaff5ce7617c57d52c5322aea9a5-1602074351411.

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Can’t view it on the iPhone…

Note - for some reason (out of my control) the recording does not work on a phone, but will work on a laptop.

Thanks. Just checked and it works well on the PC. I like the way the slides are linked to the right place in the video.

Great - and yes, it’s quite a good platform that they used!