Looking for a Solicitor to act for patient with physical health needs detained under Section 3

I am looking for a solicitor to act under my instruction as litigant friend for a patient detained under Section2/3 since 1 November 2017.
Legal aid is available both for Tribunals and as an NHS patient.

Rosemary Moore
Addlestone, Surrey

Dear Gary,

Thank you very much for writing to me. I would be interested to have contacts for the psychiatrists you know re Dementia patients, because I have a sister with diagnosed Alzheimer’s Disease in 2011.

However, what I am looking for - as stated in my post - is a solicitor to act under my instructions for a detained S3 non-restricted patient with capacity whose Schizophrenia diagnosed and treated since 1970 when he was 21 has been treated successfully with anti-psychotics until 2016 when I was unable to look after him and he has been under S2 and 3 since November 2017.

With thanks

Hi Rosemary,

I think my reply was in another topic from a legal rep looking for a consultant in old age psychiatry to act under Public Funding (Legal Aid).

Regarding someone to act in your question, it may be worthwhile asking the hospital for a copy of solicitors who can under Mental Health for those subject to detention under the Mental Health Act.

All the best for now.