Panel guidance. Law Society, 'Mental Health Accreditation: Application and re-accreditation application forms guidance notes and policies' (dated 27/1/21)

— The main changes since the 30/9/20 version are under the "Initial accreditation", "The interview" and "Information to be provided following the interview" headings, for instance: (a) all interviews during the coronavirus pandemic are held via Microsoft Teams; (b) the case study will be read out, and notes may be taken; (c) reference materials can be used for the case study but not for the practice and professional conduct part; and (d) the interview will now be recorded for "quality assurance purposes only" rather than also for assessor training and appeal purposes as before.
Full details available at:,_%27Mental_Health_Accreditation:_Application_and_re-accreditation_application_forms_guidance_notes_and_policies%27_(dated_27/1/21)?id=110221-1711