OPG vaccination guidance. James Morrey, 'Lasting Power of Attorney and the COVID Vaccine' (OPG blog, 8/2/21)

— This guidance is under two main headings: (1) Guidance for those administering vaccines, including to seek legal advice advice if you disagree with an attorney or deputy's refusal (no mention is made of disagreement with consent), or make a best interests decision if there is no COP order or LPA; (2) Guidance for attorneys and deputies, including to think about what the person's wishes would be, and to ensure that you are contacted for your decision.
Full details available at: https://www.mentalhealthlaw.co.uk/James_Morrey,_%27Lasting_Power_of_Attorney_and_the_COVID_Vaccine%27_(OPG_blog,_8/2/21)?id=110221-2231