Mental health law journal. IJMHCL volume 26 (2020), pages 1-57

— This edition of the International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law contains: (1) Editorial (Alex Ruck Keene); (2) Substituted Decision Making and Coercion: The Socially Accepted Problem in Psychiatric Practice and a CRPD-Based Response to Them (Giles Newton-Howes, Leah Kininmonth, Sarah Gordon); (3) Adult Incapacity Law: Visions for the Future Drawn from the Unfinished Story of a New Subject with a Long History (Adrian Ward); (4) Offenders with a Mental Impairment Under a 'Fusion Law': Non-Discrimination, Treatment, Public Protection (George Szmukler); (5) Book reviews (Alex Ruck Keene).
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