Longer listing window for s2 cases. Tribunal Procedure Committee, 'Possible amendments to the Tribunal Procedure (FTT) (HESC) Rules 2008' (consultation about s2 listing, from 21/6/22 to 16/8/22)

— The tribunal always had 7 days to list s2 cases but during the coronavirus pandemic this was extended temporarily to 10 days. The consultation question is: "Do you agree that the proposed change to rule 37 of the HESC Rules, to permit section 2 MHA cases to be listed within 10 days of the date on which the MHT receives the application notice, should be made permanent? If not, why not?"
Full details available at: https://www.mentalhealthlaw.co.uk/Tribunal_Procedure_Committee,_%27Possible_amendments_to_the_Tribunal_Procedure_(FTT)_(HESC)_Rules_2008%27_(consultation_about_s2_listing,_from_21/6/22_to_16/8/22)?id=220622-0951